StixWeb Studio


The cost of having your own web site is less than you think

Our websites are:

  • AFFORDABLE - See our prices page.
  • APPROPRIATE - Created to match your business, and your colour scheme.
  • EFFECTIVE - Designed so that your website can be found by people searching the net.
  • FAST TO DOWNLOAD - Images are optimised so that web pages download with a minimum of waiting.
  • MOBILE FRIENDLY - Ideal to view on an iPhone, Tablet, Laptop or PC.
  • PROFESSIONAL - Experienced designer - can give you what you want.
  • SEARCH ENGINE FRIENDLY - Designed to maximse search engine positioning.
  • TASTEFUL - Not gaudy or flashy (unless that is what you like)

It is our aim to create web sites for small businesses at a price you can afford.
We will be pleased to discuss setting up a good web site for your business.
Please e-mail us, or phone to talk about your requirements.
There is no geographical limit. We will be pleased to send you an estimate by post or e-mail.

For a free discussion, please contact Mike

WEBSITE: The great majority of businesses have a five page website. This is the most economical, and yet is large enough to be able to achieve a reasonable listing with the search engines. We will discuss your business, requirements and preferences, including styles, content and colours, and then produce a website that we can both be proud of.

DOMAIN NAME & HOSTING: You will need a domain name for your website. It will also need to be Hosted somewhere. Click HERE for details.

HIT COUNTER: You will want to know how many people are visiting your website, as well as what words they are searching on and which search engines they are using. We provide free information which you can access directly at any time, so that you can check how successful your website is. Click HERE for an explanation of the data that will be available.

E-COMMERCE: For an additional cost we can create a full e-commerce website, where people can buy online. This can be done at one of two levels.

1) The most economical option is using PayPal or Worldpay, where "Buy Now" or "Add to Basket" buttons can be incorporated, with a Checkout so that purchases can be made online with credit or debit cards. Additions to stock will be made by the website designer. Apart from the cost of the website there will be a charge for each payment button included on the site. Please ask us for more details.

2) If you have more than, say, 50 different stock items, then the other option is to go for a full-blown database driven website with credit card handling etc. and the ability to upload stock descriptions, prices and images yourself. Prices for websites of this type start at around £900.

SPECIAL FEATURES: There are, of course, special features that can be built into your website. Background music or sound effects, clickable sound clips or movies, downloadable documents, payment buttons - even an on-line weather station!

SEARCH ENGINE LISTING: When your website is complete, we will register it with the major free search engines (including Google and Yahoo). Your position in their listings will depend on the amount of competition in your sector, as well as on the actual search words used. A good knowledge of search engines, meta-tags, keywords and web structure is necessary.

FOOTNOTES: We are often asked to take over existing websites because they are unsatisfactory or not bringing in the business that they should. If you already have a disappointing web site, we can check it and probably tell you why! We can then tweak it so that it will be indexed by the major search engines and should bring in more business for you.

NOSTALGIA: We could not resist putting up details of the early computers that we have used to give us the thorough knowledge that we possess. Click HERE