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Hi Theresa. I would like to thank you for your reading the other evening and to say that you picked up on my situation straight away. And also thank you for your guidance. Sorry i did not get to ask you some other stuff that i had in mind but we got cut off but i will be looking forward to predictions and will be in touch to let you know all as it unfolds. I will also be looking forward to having another reading from you again sometime soon. God Bless. Frank

Thank you to my fellow Scot Theresa for a wonderful accurate reading of my situation. I can thoroughly recommend this lovely lady she instantly zoned in on my problem giving details of the person I was asking about without me needing to give any information at all. She gets straight to the point immediately. A true psychic and a lovely person. Wonderful reading I will be back whenever I need genuine insight again. Love and Blessings to you Psychic Theresa Scottish Linda xxx

Hi Theresa. I would just like to say thank you for my reading yesterday. It was so nice to have you confirm what i was feeling. Especially with that soft Scottish accent of yours. You are a beautiful lady and i would love to have a reading from you again some time. God Bless. Take care. Frank XX.

Hello Theresa I hope you can feel my energy. You are the most addictive person in my life. I love readings from you because you truly are the best. Theresa is worth the wait ...I would pre-book her to avoid disappointment...Love you lots from ME xxxxx

Had a couple of readings with you now Theresa. Both were full of insight and you encouraged me with my development. A huge thank you. Have been receiving lots and positive feedback. Thank you too for your validations and predictions.. Will be back for another reading soon. Keep up your fantastic work. x x x

Theresa you always been there for me. Your readings are always so consistent and validations are always spot on. Well I was told that no one can predict future!! well I want everyone to know is that another of your prediction came into fruition for me! That prove that there are true talented people can make prediction and see into the future. This is not the first prediction you give me came true but dates and time also happen. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help and guidance and also the healing. To everyone who happen to get disappointed when things never come true, its not because this beautiful person is wrong, there is something that call free will and there are things that can happen makes prediction change Thank you lovely Theresa. Love always Nadia xxxxxxxx

hi Theresa spoke to you today as I have been feeling down lonely I'm going through a really difficult time in my life at present can I say you have been my rock these past months so a big thank you to you for being there and understanding my situation. your guidance has been valuable. you are a btiful caring lady with a btiful heart I love you dearly. happy new year may 2014 bring you everything you wish for thank you Theresa once again take care love Jackie Liverpool. xxx

Wow I didn't believe in psychic readings but my situation lead me to speak to you. When I got to this site I felt drawn to you immediately and I was shocked by the amount of accurate information you could give. You are fast, warm, gentle and very accurate. I was feeling so low and you managed to tap into my situation and brought me healing and encouragement. I will always come back to you. Stay blessed love and light. X

Fantastic! Blew me away. Highly recommend xx

FANTASTIC :) , I have had many readings with Theresa her timings and predictions are unbelievable, i always feel calmer after speaking to her, thank you Theresa for all your support and guidance you have given me xxx

you are amazing! I cannot thank you enough for all the little details that i cannot wait to happen! I will definitely update you when they do and i know they will happen! My last readings with you were last year and everything you told me happened and i mean everything! JP Australia | 2014-03-16 02:19:31

Great! Super fast and very intuitive, I love having readings with Theresa, brilliant! thanks so much. Hollywood | 2014-03-20 02:03:41
Pisces 305

AWESOME! She answered all my questions and knew a lot about my situation without me even saying anything! It was wonderful to speak to her, she's like an old friend! She also picked up on the initial of my boyfriend and much about him without me saying anything! Loved her! Colorado | 2014-03- 21 1:38:53

Great reading. just love having readings with her. she is always on track. marvelous person. sweet and understanding. i feel better every time we talk even if she says bad news. truly an amazing person full of light
AnaForero USA 20114 03 22

Amazing reader!! She was so informative and answered all my questions. I really enjoyed talking to her.
Mimi Kuwait | 2014-03-24  02:23:08l

Hi Theresa:).... I have had readings with this Fantastic  Lady who has helped me and continues to help me through a confusing time in my life, she has always guided me in the right direction and her timings are unbelievable, you will leave the reading feeling calmer and more clear on you situation your one in a million Theresa thank you xxxx
Kuwait | 2013-03 24 :
Amazing reader!! She was so informative and answered all my questions. I really enjoyed talking to her.
Kuwait | 2012-02-17 02:23:08
Amazing reader!! She was so informative and answered all my questions. I really enjoyed talking to her.