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Psychic Theresa offers services for Entertainment Purposes Only. Theresa works with spirit on a Psychic vibration and is merely a channel for their communication. Any information given is not from her own mind, but from spirit themselves. She does not give information for people to live by or does she give information of a negative light to anyone. Messages given are with love and light you the client can interpret what is said in your own way and Theresa will not to be held responsible for any decisions made or any ill health within you, the clients life after any readings given. All information given will not be discussed with any 3rd party and is for you, the clients own keep. Any personal details given by you, the client, such as email addresses and phone numbers are strictly kept confidential and not passed on If and only if you put a testimonial on the website but this is up to you the client.

Terms & Conditions of bookings -
 If you fail to call for your reading as stated on the confirmation email sent to you without prior notice then your appointment will be cancelled and no refund will be given.
All services offered are strictly for clients over the age of 18 and Theresa also holds all rights to cancel or reject any bookings at any time if she feels the need to or for any other circumstance beyond her control.
Refunds will only be given in exceptional circumstances
When booking Psychic Theresa you the client are agreeing with all of the above.