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The Computers that I have used and owned (and loved):


The first small calculator was produced in 1973 by Clive Sinclair. It cost a huge (at that time) £29.95, but was worth it, because up to that time all calculations had to be done on paper or on a large accounting machine. This little marvel could be put in your pocket! I bought one, and used it at work, where even my employers (Lloyds Bank) did not provide calculators at that time.

I subsequently used a programmable calculator, the Hewlett Packard HP65 (available from 1974), and it was that facility that got me hooked on computers.

1979: Learnt to program in Basic on the Commodore PET (owned by sombody else). I would write programs at home, and then put them into the computer to see if they would work. Programs were then stored on audio cassettes.

1980: Bought my first computer - the Sharp MZ-80K. See the built-in cassette?
I then added a double floppy disk drive, which cost me £700! That made random-access database files possible for the first time.

1982: Upgraded to the Sharp MZ-80B. More memory, much better graphics (80 characters across the screen), although only green on black. No colour yet!

1986: Had to wait for the first affordable computer to be invented with a
colour monitor and hi-res graphics. This was it - the Amstrad PC1512.
It actually had a hard disk drive! And a mouse.

Since then we have owned several computers. They were all PCs, and each one was better and faster than the last. They do the job, but because they are now so commonplace, they did not have the impact that the first ones did.

Dell Dimension 4600

Dimension 9150
Dell Dimension 9150

Sony Vaio
Sony Vaio

Hewlett Packard
Hewlett Packard 24-E0XX DESKTOP-50CH432