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One of the 3 finalists in award winning
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Theresa recently appeared in the 'Psychic TV Today Magazine' as one of the top psychics. Theresa also appears live on air where she gives live readings to viewers of the show.  Below clip from the magazine:

Theresa is a Psychic reader, Reiki Master Teacher, Theresa was born with Her psychic gifts of Clairvoyance, Clairaudience and Clairsentience. She focuses on providing people with spiritual guidance through working with her Tarot cards, which will assist them to see things more clearly in their life and help them choose the right path ahead. She specializes particularly in love and romance, whether you’re wondering if he or she is the one or you are having problems in your relationship and you are not sure how to move forward. Theresa can link in with you and your partner to help you understand what is not always communicated between two people.
Theresa can also send remote spiritual healing to you and loved ones. She has been privileged to help hundreds of people throughout her life and feels blessed with her psychic ability and ability to give spiritual healing. Theresa has clients of high profession all over the world and Native American Indians have called her their spiritual doctor because of her psychic abilities as a spiritual healer offering spiritual guidance.
 In Recent Years Theresa has been available on the psychic tv today website Theresa has also had the opp0rtunity to appear on the psychic tv today channel on live chat feed direct to the studio giving live readings to clients and psychic tv today viewers.
While working with psychic tv today Theresa has also appear in the psychic tv today Magazine as a top psychic.



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